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The only software for end-to-end economic development management (5)

We are a group of civic-minded, passionate and established professionals who ascribe to the philosophy of doing well and doing good. 

Comprised of experienced economic developers and public servants, as well as industry-leading technology and customer-centric experts, our team develops tools to empower the champions who fight every day to make our communities a better place.

Our goal is to provide the best tools to help economic development teams accelerate growth from coast to coast. We hope you too will be inspired and join us on this journey. 


Our Mission and Values

We power economic developers with easily accessible, information-rich data to grow vibrant communities.

Our core values guide everything we do, how we approach our work and serve our clients. These values include:

Collaboration, Excellence, Integrity, Passion and Innovation

Who we serve

Strong communities are built through collaborative development. At CivicServe, we believe it is vital to prioritize and protect government-led economic development teams. By first stabilizing civic data, programs and processes, regional partners can then connect through technology in meaningful ways that foster success for the communities and constituents they serve.


Government teams strive every day to leave a positive and lasting mark on the people and communities they serve. 

At CivicServe, we are passionate supporters of these champions. We sit side-by-side and provide technology to tackle complex, sensitive work and balance the demands of multiple stakeholder groups. 

Government organizations include:

  • Local municipal government organizations
  • County government organizations
  • State government organizations
  • Federal government organizations
Economic Development Organizations

Economic development organizations help communities and businesses thrive. 

Our team actively works each day to remove or improve barriers that slow the impact these teams and individuals have on the economy.  

Economic development organizations include: 

  • Community economic development organizations
  • Nongovernmental economic development organizations
  • Nonprofit economic development organizations

Consultants advise communities and economic development teams on best practices for new strategies, approaches and programs.

Our focus is to facilitate the process by providing technology resources designed to foster communication, focus and visualization.

Consultant areas of focus currently include: 

  • Strategic planning
  • Incentive management
  • Virtual economic development management