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CivicServe customer programs currently report a 40:1 public investment ratio.

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CivicServe technology streamlines continuous data collection,
bridging teams and information in the pursuit of economic development prosperity

Achieve today's tasks and pursue long-term economic development strategies with confidence. CivicServe software adapts with ever-changing councils, objectives and priorities.

See how our technology is vital to every role in economic development.



Did you know? 74% of Mayors address the topic of economic growth in their annual “State of the City” address, with 99% of cities offering incentives.

People + Data: Mayors of CivicServe customer communities preside over $1 billion in development projects and reflect a combined ROI of 40:1. These communities collectively earn $40 for every $1 invested through incentive programs managed by CivicServe software.



Economic Development Teams
Economic Development Teams

Did you know? A Midwestern City fired its Economic Development Director for failing to be ‘responsive enough’ to developers and businesses. 

People + Data: One rural customer gains confidence using the CivicServe platform. He responds quickly to any question having online access to 192 documents and real time updates on every one of his 153 projects.  

City Departments
City Administration

Did you know? $25M from one west coast city paid businesses whose status had been revoked, suspended or tagged as delinquent by the state.

People + Data: A southern city's administrative team uses CivicServe to preserve timeline steps, monitor compliance and avoid unnecessary legal fees and public scrutiny in areas including lien defaults and revolving loan fund balance deficiencies.

Businesses and Developers
Businesses and Developers

Did you know? 30% of businesses wait 6+ months for approvals and 58% say agencies fail to communicate expectations adequately.

People + Data: A suburban community uses CivicServe to support 1,000+ businesses. Contact and project information, city processes and mutual expectations are defined and digitally accessible, keeping businesses and development moving forward.

Council members
Council Members

Did you know? $11M in grants from 1 Midwest community paid businesses without measuring the impact to the city, according to an audit.

People + Data: A suburban municipality runs project calculations and reports in moments using CivicServe. Documents show the community’s return on investment and are shared with Council and Committee members.

Economic Development Organizations
Economic Development Organizations

Did you know? Communities expect 15% to 45% return when reviewing investments in public capital related to private-sector productivity.

People + Data: One southern-based EDO quantifies investment ratios using CivicServe, showing the correlation between use of public funds and project investment and demonstrating their organizational value.


Did you know? 80% of people never set goals for themselves and of the 20% of the population that do set goals, 70% fail to achieve the goals they set. 

People + Data: A Midwest consultant team leveraged CivicServe related to strategic planning.  One system personalizes data visualization, preserves recommendations and guides implementation to achieve program goals and objectives. 

Public & Residents
Public and Residents

Did you know? A business park development on the east coast cost taxpayers $26M but failed to follow through on securing tenants to fill the sites or create jobs.

People + Data: A mid-size city leans on CivicServe to manage obligations for over 150 projects. This ensures the community, and its residents, are protected throughout the lifetime of the agreement.

Communities manage and quantify programs with CivicServe


Approved Funds


Total Project Costs

Software tailored for economic development

Business, workforce and community needs evolve. CivicServe offers solutions to secure and modernize operations, save time and increase community ROI.

Choose from trending packages or inquire about tailored options based on your community's unique activities. 

Economic Development Strategic Planning Solution
Strategic Plan Facilitation and Implementation

Give life to planning efforts and documents. Implement recommendations and diversify the economy.


Business Retention and Expansion
Business Retention
and Expansion
Support current businesses. Prevent closures and relocations and create a climate to foster growth and synergy.
CivicServe's Community and Economic Revitalization Solution
Community and
Economic Revitalization

Drive targeted area redevelopment. Satisfy resident needs, reactivate downtowns and vacant property.


Economic Development Incentive and Compliance Management
Incentive and
Compliance Management

Administer development agreements using best practices in on-going assessment, monitoring and communication.


Economic Development Project Management and Tracking
Project Tracking
and Management

Navigate processes with a comprehensive system designed for long-term effectiveness and low staff maintenance.


Development Attraction and Site Selection
Development Attraction and Site Selection

Serve businesses and developers. Promote the community as a viable location for economic development activity.


What our clients say about CivicServe

We have enjoyed working with CivicServe. They listened to our needs and helped us create programs that will make administering our TIF and Enterprise Zone Programs easier.

We are excited to have all our program data in one place and look forward to easier data collection. The customer service is excellent as they are always responsive when we have questions.

The economic benefits of your platform have become an invaluable tool in our efforts to develop our industrial parks as well as our Downtown retail shopping district.

It has given the City the ability to reach developers that would not normally know that the City of Benton exists.

CivicServe is helping us streamline some of our data management and communication tasks and we’re only just getting started.
Effingham, IL Benton, IL 1-3
Sasha Althoff, Economic Development Specialist City of Effingham, IL
Brian Calcaterra, Economic Development Administrator City of Benton, IL
Tarah Sipes, PCED, Economic Development Manager City of Rock Island, IL

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